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ISC and ICSE School
(Established in 2004)
  • Academic Schedule

  • Academic Schedule

  • Academic Schedule

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18th Founder's Day on 2nd October 2021.

Academic Schedule

School’s Academic Session comprises of two Terms; the First Term the Second Term; of six months each. Duration of the First Term is from the 1st of April till the 30th of September. The Second Term’s duration is from the 1st of October till the 31st of March. Final Examinations are held at the end of the Session, during March, after the four Assessments and two Term Tests:-

Examination Month
1st Assessment May
2nd Assessment August
1st Term Test September
3rd Assessment November
2nd Term Test December
4th Assessment February
Final Examination March

In one Session the school conducts seven examinations, including finals. After each examination a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meeting is held to appraise and discuss every child’s performance with his or her respective, parents. This helps in identifying the weaker students and pin pointing their areas of weaknesses. Thereafter, solutions to rectify these are precisely drawn for each such child.

The School has separate Day Schedules for Summers and Winters. The Summer Schedule starts with the assembly at 7:40 AM. 1st bell of the day rings at 7:35 AM for all to assemble. However, the staff members reach the school 10 minutes before the 1st bell. After Assembly the staff members and the students move to their respective classrooms. The 1st ‘school’ for serious study commences with a bell at 8:05 AM . We have four schools of 35 minutes each before a break of 15 minutes commencing at 10:25 AM; followed by five schools, after which the school gets over at 1:30 PM. The Winter Schedule is similar to that of Summer except that it commences 20 minutes late i.e. 1st bell for the day rings at 7:55AM and the school gets over at 1:50PM. Keeping in mind the fact that the learning curve declines towards the second half of the day and the week, the Academic Schedule is prepared in such a manner that difficult subjects are taught in the first half of the Day Schedule and the lighter subjects and Activity Classes like Dramatics, Physical Fitness, Dance, Music, Art and Craft etc. are adjusted in the in the second half of the day; increasing towards the end of the week. Occasionally, during Summer and Winter Holidays workshops are organized for teaching the Art of Ceramic, Fibers, Metals, Jewelry, Painting, Photography, Sculpture and Wood Work purely on voluntarily basis with a nominal fee.