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ISC and ICSE School
(Established in 2004)
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18th Founder's Day on 2nd October 2021.


A product of a good school commands respect in all societies and moves with confidence in every sphere of life. Today’s discerning parents realize the need for child’s excellence in all spheres he/she endeavors, for which high caliber schooling is required to impart planned, systematic, scientific and socialistic education. A good school needs to provide opportunities for multifold growth, make education child-centered, pragmatic and career oriented. It must transmit cultural values, awareness of modern developments, keep the students abreast with the latest / most updated education programs and technologies. Further, it should give direction, generate enthusiasm and strive to produce decorous human beings, with all round development of mind and body.

Academic excellence is an ideal fostered in the students here from the earliest stages of their lives; but it is not our exclusive concern. Academics has its role to play, as a part of the broader objectives of developing well adjusted personalities who are decent, cultured and versatile human beings. It is in this context that the performance of our young scholars in the public examinations must be viewed.

The curriculum is designed to encourage and enable the students to bring out the very best from within each one of them, and develop a unique strength to enhance their abilities. To achieve this, no efforts we spared making the fullest use of all the resources, modern technology, teaching-aids, knowledge and expertise of the best possible faculty.

Promoters of Sanskar International School™ have opted for education programs which offer World Class education carefully blended with the Philosophy and Values of Rich Culture and Heritage of India. They have taken a step further to adopt a multi-pronged approach to deal with the growing demands of modern times in the field of education.

Students are encouraged
to bring out and polish their intellectual abilities, talents and potentials to their utmost. In order to provide comprehensive and all round education, each day’s program is made by carefully combining academics and co-curricular activities. In addition, programs are developed to promote sense of responsibility, decision making and leadership qualities.

Emphasis is given on counseling and preparation for higher studies in India and abroad.