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ISC and ICSE School
(Established in 2004)
  • Campus Discipline & Dress Code

  • Campus Discipline & Dress Code

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18th Founder's Day on 2nd October 2021.

Campus Discipline & Dress Code

The school has in no uncertain terms, very clearly, articulated its expectations from students in every sphere of life, with special regards and emphasis to behavior and conduct; enunciated in a set of well thought out and precisely laid formal Rules and Regulations. These have been designed and incorporated to ensure a smooth functioning of the school to achieve its standardized educational objectives in a serene and conflict free environment.

Sanskar International School™ lays great emphasis on reverence, discipline, conduct, mannerism, co-operation and co-ordination; without which no student can achieve excellence in any field.

The school prides itself in giving opportunities to every child to grow with a questioning and aware mind, simultaneously, strongly feels the necessity of developing a sense of self discipline.

The school does not permit harsh, corporal or humiliating punishment but at the same time, unconditionally, expects the students to adhere to the school rules. In case of breach of any of these rules, the school may take any action it considers suitable or be compelled to expel the student in the interest of the school / student community, without opening itself to any question from the parents / guardian. During school hours the students have to be in proper neat and clean uniform, polished shoes and proper school tie. We also ensure that all children should comb their hair and cut nails properly. For P.T. and Games Classes separate dress has to be worn. Similarly, the student is expected to turn out appropriately on various occasions. The games and school uniforms are available to the students through a registered supplier at market price.