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Resident and Non-Resident Students
Opening and closing dates for Registration/ Admission are published about 2-3 months before commencement of the Academic Session in newspapers or displayed on the website OR may be enquired from the ‘Establishment’ office.

The Registration Form has to be submitted before the closing date. The time, date, place and Syllabus for Entrance Test and Interview is to be procured by the Parents or the Guardian from the ‘Establishment’ office on the date of fulfilling all the formalities for Registration. For Syllabus you may also click on:

On failure to attend the Entrance Test or Interview, the Registration will stand cancelled with no refund. The result of Entrance Test and Interview will be displayed on the school notice board, tentatively, within a week from the date of Entrance Test Interview.


Resident and Non-Resident Students
All the admission formalities (i.e. submission of Fee and Documents along with the Admission Form) must be fulfilled within 15 days from the date of declaration of result i.e. within 22 days from the Date of the Entrance Test. However, the Transfer Certificate (T.C.) in original along with an attested photo copy of the same must be submitted within 2 months from date of commencement of the Admission Session or on the date of admission; whichever falls later. In case any Document or Full Fee is not submitted on the due date, the Admission will stand cancelled without notice or refund and the Child will not be permitted to attend Classes or avail any Service provided by the ‘Establishment’.


Resident Students
The Indian Resident students / Foreign & N.R.I. Resident Students must deposit full Annual Fee along with Admission Fee, Security and Imprest Money at the time of Admission for the First Year as per the Fee Structures viz. Fee Structure for Indian Resident Students (2010-2011) / Fee Structure for Foreign & N.R.I. Resident Students (2010-2011).Thereafter, for the following Sessions the Annual Fee must be deposited at least Fifteen Days before the commencement of the Following Academic Session i.e. by 15th March of the Preceding Academic Session. Failure to deposit Full Annual Fee on time will entail a fine of Rs.500/- per day for Indian Students and U.S. $ 50/- per day for Foreign & N.R.I. Students, commencing from the Due Date of payment till the Date of clearing Full and Final Fee; irrespective of the Amount Due.
Under exceptional circumstances with special permission and sole discretion of the ‘Establishment’ Authorities the Annual Fee of Old Students may be paid in two Installments: First Installment would be 70% of the Annual Fee; payable before the 15th of January of the Preceding Academic Session AND Second Installment would be 30% of the Annual Fee; payable before the 15th of July of the Current Academic Session.

Kindly note that the Imprest Money is used to meet actual personal expenses of the child, including uniforms, books & stationary, etc. The balance of Imprest Money is carried forward to the Child’s Imprest Account on closing of each Current Session. This balance must be topped up on the first day of commencement of the Session.

In case the Personal Expenses of the Child exceed the amount of Imprest Money deposited for the Current Session, the balance due must be paid along with the Annual Fee for the Next Session, or latest by the 15th March of the Current Session. Expenses which are incurred by the ‘Establishment’ for the students and are not covered in the Fee Structure will be billed to the parents. These Bills must be cleared within 15 days from the date of the receipt of the bill. The Child will be eligible to attend the New Academic Session only after all outstanding dues of the Previous Academic Session are cleared and Annual Fee for the New Academic Session are fully paid.

Non-Resident Students
Monthly Fee is to be deposited, in advance, by 10th of every Month. Failure will entail a fine of Rs.100/- till 20th of that Month and Rs.200/- till 25th. Name of the Child will be struck off the rolls on 26th if all the outstanding dues i.e. full/part Fee along with the Late Fee is not deposited by the 25th of the Month. Re-admission will be at the discretion of the Principal. Once it is considered, all dues, including Rs. 1000/- as Re-Admission Fee, must be deposited in the ‘Establishment’ Office, before the Child is granted Re-Admission. Games, Sports, Activity Fee and Other Charges are to be paid, in advance, along with Fee of April (First Month of the Session).
Fee for March is payable with the Fee of the preceding month i.e. February.

Resident Students
Entry to the Hostel, after every Summer or Winter Vacation, will be permitted on clearance of all Dues and Fee (in advance) followed by procurement of the Hostel Entry Slip from the Accounts Office and producing it before the Gate Security Personnel and the Hostel In-charge.

Resident and Non-Resident Students
In case of withdrawal of the Student at the end of Academic Session, a written application must reach the Establishment Office by 31st of January of the Current Session. If the withdrawal is desired in the middle of the Session the application must be submitted three months before the date of withdrawal. The Fee will not be refunded in any kind of withdrawal. Failing to give a three months notice in writing for withdrawal the Security shall not be refunded. All the Outstanding Dues if not paid by the Parent on time, will be deducted from the Imprest Money or Security or both, before withdrawal of the Child. The Transfer Certificate will be issued two months after the date of withdrawal subject to the clearance of all the Dues and procurement of No Dues Letter (NDL); duly signed by all the concerned Department Heads.