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ISC and ICSE School
(Established in 2004)
  • Background & History

  • Background & History

  • Background & History

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18th Founder's Day on 2nd October 2021.

Background & History



Born in a family (headed by Doon Ratna Chaudhary Satyendra Singh, a great veteran freedom fighter and social worker) where Values, Principles and Good ‘Sanskars’ mean the most, Mr. Shaleen Singh, the Founder President of Sanskar International School™, believes that India’s past and great history has, time and again, taught and proved to the world, the importance of its Rich Culture and Heritage.

He believes that for ages, the great men and women of India have proved worthy of its Cultural Values and created history by their unmatched acts and gestures of love for all living beings; respect and regards for their Gurus’, elders and superiors; sacrifice of precious possessions, beloved ones and even life for the benefit of humanity; compassion, service and ‘Sewa’ towards the weak, the poor & the needy and many such acts that became exemplary lessons for the World, bringing about great reforms and transformation in people of India and other nations.

The only thought that bothers him the most is that the cultural and human values, which a true human being could be proud of, are deteriorating in today’s world when science, technology and development are at their highest pace, advanced education and hi-tech research is producing brains of extra-ordinary intellect. He feels that the youth of today must realize that knowledge and talent without good human values and good ‘sanskars’ could be most dangerous and disastrous!!

Ancient times enjoyed value based environment in Royal Court, ‘Ashrams’ and ‘Gurukuls’, where legendary warriors, philosophers and great learned personalities got true education, away from homely and palatial comforts. Similarly, the Founders, Mr. Shaleen Singh and Ms. Anita Singh have made a very successful attempt by a fine-blend of modern education with Indian culture to give healthy and controlled surroundings, having moral atmosphere for the children to breathe in.

Sanskar International School™ has begun this Reformative Movement with the support and blessings of its Patron Chaudhary Satyendra Singh to set the right tone for International Standard Education with an Indian Touch.

The Founders are very confident that this school will grow from strength to strength each day and constantly achieve its goals of producing confident, cultured and Good World-Citizens with healthy, intelligent, spiritually awakened and positive thinking minds.

To accomplish this difficult task they have with them a dedicated team of staff, experts and a panel of highly qualified and experienced advisers of International stature.


First day of school – children with Micky Mouse

Foundation stone for the ‘Establishment’ was laid on 26th of March 2003 and by the 5th of April 2004 it started functioning. Since then it has not looked back and has grown to make its place amongst the top ranking schools of the state.

Mr. B.P. Joshi

Mr. B. P. Joshi, formerly, for about 36 years, with the oldest public school of India- The Lawrence School of Sanawar, Simla Hills became the first Principal of the ‘Establishment’ (2004-2008).

Ms. Shashi Bhatnagar

Ms. Shashi Bhatnagar was our PNK Head from the very first day. Formerly, she worked with the Primary sections of various renowned schools of India, gathering vide experience of about 32 years and was well aware with the Child Psychology. Unfortunately, she had to leave for her Heavenly abode on 05-05-2009. Ms. Bhatnagar worked with the ‘Establishment’ from day one, with utmost sincerity and dedication till the day her health could barely allow her.

Mr. B.P. Khandurie

Mr. B.P. Khandurie joined the institution as Dean of Academics on 18-09-2007 and retired on 31-03-2010. He did his M.Sc. in Physics with 1st division from Agra University. He later completed F.C.P. (Fellow of the College of Preceptors) from London; an examination equivalent to B.Ed. He worked as lecturer in Govt. College Moradabad before shifting to Ghana in West Africa where he took over as Head of the Science Mathematics Dept. There he worked in Accra Polytechnic and later in Ministry of Education as Astt. Director of Education. After spending twenty years in Africa he returned to India and worked as Head of the Physics Dept. in Mussoorie International School for 15 years. Thereafter, in Indian Public School he worked as Dean of Academics for four years. He has written Practical Physics books (10 volumes) for ‘A’ Level and ‘O’ Level . He has been an Examiner, Paper Setter and Moderator for several years in Indian and Overseas Board. He has also attended some very important workshops on Education in Britain, America, Indonesia and India during his 50 years of service to education.