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18th Founder's Day on 2nd October 2021.


Besides the teachers, parents are the most important people in life of a student. They have a very powerful influence on the child’s mind. Hence it is imperative that they are also made part of the scheme and process of educating the child. That is why after each of the four Assessment Tests, two Term Tests and the Final Examination a Teacher-Parent meeting is held in the school where parents/guardians meet the class and subject Teachers, individually, to discuss about the performance and progress of their child. Conclusions are collectively drawn as to what actions are to be taken by them for betterment of the child giving him/her double benefit.

The PTA meetings have two way communication, the school also gets benefited by the feedback from the parents and steps are taken to implement the practical suggestions for the betterment/improvement of the child/school. Parents and Grand Parents are invited for various functions of the school to see their wards’ performance on the stage/sports field. Sometimes parents are also called for special needs of the child. Since children of PNK group are dropped by their parents/guardians right up to the class room and taken from there at the pack up time, they have regular interaction with the teachers. Parents are constantly reminded to play a positive role in their ward’s life. Since the Day Scholars are with the parents for longer duration, the parents should ensure that children devote adequate time for completing their home work and revision of the work done in class. They should insist on daily self study for a few hours. During long vacations time should also be fixed for play and study. The child’s activities at home should be closely monitored. Parents’ cooperation helps in child’s academic excellence and personality development.