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Rules & Regulations

Registration is not a Guarantee for Admission to Sanskar International School™ TM.  Admission Process

2. Attested photocopy of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE (PASSPORT IN CASE OF NRI / FOREIGN NATIONAL) is to be submitted along with the Registration Form. The certificate should be issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner with Medical Council Registration Number OR Municipal Corporation Or Secretary (Govt. Official), Village ‘Panchayat’. Misrepresentation or Falsification of Date Of Birth (D.O.B.) will result in cancellation of Admission, forthwith.

3. If the Child fails to appear for Entrance Test/Interview on date stipulated or does not get Admission in the ‘Establishment’ for any reason, the Registration will lapse and the Fee will not be refunded. However, in case of reasons found just by the Concerned Authorities, the Child may be given another chance for appearing in the next Entrance Test/Interview, for the same Session only.  Entrance Test Syllabus

4. If the Admission is offered to the Child then all Fee & Charges required by the ‘Establishment’ Authorities at the time of Admission, should be deposited by the Parent/Guardian vide BANK DRAFT in favour of:- “Sanskar International School™” Dehradun, along with the Admission Form and the documents demanded by the ‘Establishment’ Authorities.  Fee Structure

5. The Admission form should be filled in the Office Premises by the Mother, Father, or an Authorized Guardian on the prescribed date. It should furnish correct and complete information about the Child. In case the Child is being admitted by an Authorized Guardian and the Formalities have to be fulfilled by him/her then the Guardian must possess a Letter of Authority (L.O.A.) given by the Legal Parent/s of the Child on ‘Establishment’ format. Forms & Formats

6. If any information about the Child given in the Registration Form, Admission Form or any document is found to be Misleading, False or Incorrect at any stage, the Registration/Admission will be cancelled with immediate effect, without any refund or prior notice.

7. The admission to the ‘Establishment’ will be granted only after all the documents required, along with the Admission Fee, Security, Imprest, Term Fee/ Annual Fee & all Other Charges due at the time of admission are deposited within the given date.
The Child is admitted on guarantee of the Father/Mother/Guardian, after separate documents supporting their Photo Identities and Address Proofs are submitted. They will hereafter be called the ‘Guarantors’.

8. The ‘Guarantor’s will pay in or reimburse all expenses borne by the ‘Establishment’ Directly or Indirectly, on their Child/Ward.

9. In case the parents of the Child are N.R.Is./Foreign Nationals, residing in a foreign country, a Guardian in India is a must. He/ She shall take the guarantee and be liable on behalf of the parents to execute all the duties that Parents would execute towards the Child. For this the ‘Establishment’ would require the consent and guarantee of the guardian through the “Letter of Undertaking” (L.O.U.) on ‘Establishment’ format given by the Guardian to the ‘Establishment’. The name of such Guardian must be entered in the Letter of Consent (L.O.C.) on ‘Establishment’ format. Also at least one of the Guardians, mentioned in the Letter of Consent (L.O.C.) must be a Local Guardian.

10. No Fee paid towards Registration/Admission is Refundable, Transferable or Negotiable. No Fee etc. will be accepted in Parts or Installments or through Cheques.

11. Admission Fee and Security are to be paid only once at the time of admission, where Security is refundable without interest OR adjustable against Outstanding Fee & Other Charges/Dues, without prior notice. For Resident Children Imprest is to be paid in advance along with Term Fee or as and when required. Imprest is charged to meet the incidental and other personal expenses of the Child such as pocket money, toiletries, uniforms, stationary etc. The balance amount in the Imprest account of the Child is carried forward. Extra coaching, messing, uniforms, tours and travel, medication, birthdays and other celebrations etc. are, also, arranged on extra payment.

12. On recommendation of the Class/Subject Teacher, if any student needs Extra Tuitions, it may be arranged against Extra Fee.

13. All expenses incurred by the ‘Establishment’ for the Child, not covered by the Fee Structure will be billed to the ‘Guarantor’. The ‘Guarantor’ must clear such bills within fifteen days from the date of receiving them. Failing which, the ‘Establishment’ Authorities will have the right to charge a fine/damage up to Rs.500/- per day from the due date of the bill till the date of full & final payment of such Dues, irrespective of the outstanding balance.

14. In case the Child has to leave the ‘Establishment’ under any circumstances, one of the ‘Guarantors’ must come and collect the Child on the prescribed date, failure to do so, the ‘Establishment’ may appoint a Member of Staff to escort the Child to the ‘Guarantors’ residence or allow the Child to continue staying in the ‘Establishment’ till arrival of the ‘Guarantor’. Expenses made on the Child for such a stay/travel etc. will have to be paid by ‘Guarantors’, in addition to the regular Fee. Minimum amount charged for such extra stay will be Rs.1000/- per day or if accommodated in hotel etc. the extra charges will be accordingly.

15. In case of withdrawal of the student from the ‘Establishment’, a written application must reach the ‘Establishment’ Authorities by hand/registered postage, on the dates as follows:-
(a) Before 31st of January; of the Current Academic Year if the Child is to be withdrawn at the end of the Current Academic Year.
(b) Before three months from the date of withdrawal if the Child is to be withdrawn in middle of the Academic Session. Failing to do so, in either of the above cases all outstanding ‘Establishment’ dues till the date of withdrawal including the Fee for the session will be deducted from the Imprest and Security money. If the ‘Establishment’ Dues exceed the total sum of Imprest and Security deposited with the ‘Establishment’, then the ‘Guarantors’ must pay these excess Dues before the date of withdrawal. In case of Mid-Term withdrawals the ‘Establishment’ Authorities will not refund any Fee or Other Charges paid in advance, under any circumstances. T.C. from the ‘Institution’ will be issued at least two months after the end of academic session during which the child is withdrawn (i.e. after the 31st of May), subject to clearance of all Fee & Dues payable to or via ‘Establishment’.

16. The Security money & T.C. must be claimed by the ‘Guarantors’, after producing NO DUES LETTER (N.D.L.) given in Student’s School Diary; signed by Heads of all Departments including Library, Accounts etc. endorsed by the Head of ‘Establishment’ within one year from the date Child Leaves or is withdrawn from the ‘Establishment’ permanently. No interest will be paid on Security amount. N.D.L. format is available in ‘Establishment’ office or in the Child’s school diary.

17. The ‘Establishment’ Authorities and Staff will not be responsible for loss of any belongings of the Child left back in the dormitories, class rooms or any part of the campus, whether indoor or outdoor, after his/her withdrawal from the ‘Establishment’.

18. The Child has to adhere to the Rules & Regulations. In case of breach of these Rule & Regulations, the Concerned ‘Establishment’ Authorities reserve the rights to take any action they considered suitable without opening themselves to any questions from the ‘Guarantor’/anyone.

19. ‘Guarantors’ or Children may meet the Executives and other Senior Staff Members of the ‘Establishment’ with Prior Appointment.

20. ‘Guarantors’ can make telephone calls on ‘Establishment’ phones or meet their Wards between 10.00 am and 04.30 pm during winter routine and between 09.00 am and 06.30 pm during Summer routine; on Sundays and Holidays only.

21. If in case of emergency, the Child has to use the ‘Establishment’ phone, he/she must take permission from the Staff Member in-charge of the telephone. The Children will have to pay for the Phone Calls. No Child is permitted to keep mobile phone or use personal phone of the Staff Member for incoming or outgoing calls.

22. In case of serious illness or death in the family, the Child may be granted leave with special permission from the Concerned Authority after producing a written application for leave.

23. Children will be allowed day-out on Second and Last Sundays of the month and other Holidays with the ‘Guarantors’ only. The in & out timings for outings will be decided by the concerned ‘Establishment’ Authority.

24. In case a Child is required to participate in Matches, Games or Activities during these holidays, he/she will not be permitted day-out/leave.

25. All leave applications for outings must be given to the Staff on Duty, duly signed by the Warden/Matron and forwarded for final approval to the Concerned Allowing Authority.

26. Night-Outs are not encouraged much and will only be granted for the nights preceding Sundays/Holidays, under circumstances acceptable to the ‘Establishment’ Authorities.

27. No Child is allowed to stay in the ‘Establishment’ premises during Summer and Winter Vacations since the Dormitories, the Kitchen and the Dining hall etc. remain closed. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, Children whose parents are living abroad and cannot take them away on commencement of vacations, may, on sole discretion of the ‘Establishment’ Authorities, be allowed to stay back for a few more days. In these cases, special arrangements of boarding and lodging will have to be made, for which extra charges decided by the Authorities will be paid by the ‘Guarantor’. For sanctions of such stay the ‘Establishment’ Authorities must be requested in writing, at least, one month before commencement of the vacations.

28. Only the Guardian Authorized by the Parents and Registered with the ‘Establishment’ will be allowed to visit or take the Child out for Leaves and Vacations.

29. All Resident Children will be required to leave and return to the ‘Establishment’ in School Uniforms. And all Children must reach the ‘Establishment’ on prescribed date after Vacations, failing to do so, the ‘Establishment’ Authorities, will have the right to take suitable action or impose a fine on the latecomers.

30. A complete Set of Articles as per the List of Articles made by the ‘Establishment’ must be brought by the Resident Children to the ‘Establishment’ from his/her resident, when he/she returns from Summer/Winter Vacations.

31. All clothes and other permissible article should be marked in Black Marking Ink with Resident Child’s Name or Admission Number (in case of old student) by the parents when the Child joins or re-joins the ‘Establishment’ after Admission or Vacation/s, respectively.

32. The Resident Child on joining or re-joining the ‘Establishment’ after any Vacations should handover all their uniforms, home dresses, other required kits, permissible articles, etc. along with their list to the Matron/Warden. The Matron/Warden will store and issue the same to the Child as and when required.

33. All worn out clothes/items must be replaced before the Child returns to the ‘Establishment’ after Summer or Winter vacations. The ‘Establishment’ Staff & Authorities will not be responsible for loss or wear & tear of Children’s clothes and other items, in use.

34. Resident Children will not posses cash, jewelry, expensive articles, commodities, toys, cell phones etc. In case a Child is found possessing cash or any such commodity, it shall be confiscated by the Warden/Matron/Staff On Duty/ Hostel In-Charge, handed over to the Concerned ‘Establishment’ Authority and retained till the end of the term and returned when the Child leaves for Summer / Winter vacations. The ‘Establishment’ Staff and Authorities will not be responsible for loss of any such items, cash, jewelry etc.

35. Pocket money will be given periodically to each Resident Child from his/her Imprest money in the form of coupons/cash, on discretion of the ‘Establishment’ Authorities.

36. To maintain uniformity of colors, quality and easy availability, the School Uniforms, Games Kit and Stationary will be made available to the Child by the ‘Establishment’ through goods suppliers, at market price. However the ‘Guarantor’ may have to buy the Textbooks from the market.

37. Health/Medical Insurance could be made compulsory for every Child in the ‘Establishment’. The premium installments will have to be paid/ reimbursed by the ‘Guarantor’.

38. Any Resident Child suffering from any contagious, hereditary or constitutional diseases or infirmity will be have to be taken home by the ‘Guaranter’ or put under special care of a nurse in the infirmary till a Clearance Certificate, to attend classes, is given by the ‘Establishment’ Doctor. However, in case of Serious/Prolonged illness, the ‘Guarantor’ will have to take the Child home for extra treatment and care.

39. Children are not permitted to keep medicine with them. Any medicine prescribed by the Family Doctor must be handed over to the Warden/Matron or Nurse along with the Doctor’s prescription to follow-up treatment.