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ISC and ICSE School
(Established in 2004)
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18th Founder's Day on 2nd October 2021.

Security & Backup

The school has deployed round the clock security guards, to keep a check around the campus. The campus is bounded by proper boundary walls.

Only the parents/guardian registered as guarantors (as per the Rules and Regulations of the school) are allowed to see the child/ward on the prescribed dates and time. No one other than the parents/guardian is allowed to take the boarders out on weekends and holidays. To take added measures of safety, security and control-the buildings and guard- rooms have provisions for inter-com, two-way speaker systems, close circuit cameras, alert alarms and most efficient fire-fighting equipment. To maintain uninterrupted electricity and water supplies, the school has self contained and sufficient back-up of power and water through our generators and tube-wells. The school has provisions for installation of solar energy systems.