Philosphy & Mission


'Sanskar', as the name spells, means basic learning, impressions and early acquisition of knowledge which get deeply embedded in subconscious mind of the child during the formative years and become an indelible part of his/her personality. Good 'Sanskars' are the strongest guiding force in great attainments and achievements in life. Founder of the 'Establishment' strongly believes that Oceans of Knowledge and Talent could be worthless without Good Human Values and 'Sanskars'.


Sanskar International School™ is an 'Establishment' with a noble mission to bring about a Reformative Movement by developing and practicing especial programs to strike a balance between the 'Individual Good' and the 'Society Good'. We are heading to produce personalities who will not only have enough caliber, strength and wisdom to achieve great heights, in their professional careers, but will also bring marked reforms in Peoples and Societies by acts, examples and precepts.