Vision & Motto

The Vision

In today's world when science, technology and development is at its highest pace, advanced education and hi-tech research is producing brains of extra-ordinary intellect, the cultural and human values, which a true human being could be proud of, are deteriorating. We feel that the youth of today must realize that Oceans of knowledge and talent could be worthless without good human values and good 'sanskars' Our vision is to create healthy and controlled surroundings, having moral atmosphere for the students to breathe in and inculcate, in them, a feeling of love for all living beings; respect and regards for their 'Gurus', elders and superiors; compassion, service and 'Sewa' towards weaker, poorer & the needy and many such virtues which are most needed in today's World, along with professional excellence. We strongly believe and teach the students that knowledge and talents possessed by them must be used in a positive direction, keeping in mind both the 'Individual good' and the 'Society good'.

Our Motto

Our motto “SHINE BRIGHT - FLY HIGH - BE HUMBLE” written on the emblem shows: the shining sun that denotes un-paralleled knowledge and wisdom; the flying bird which symbolizes heights of great achievements; the clear, calm and vast sky that signifies the humbleness & compassion (possessed by great achievers of success and fame.) The emblem teaches us that one can be called truly successful, only, if one remains compassionate towards the weakest & the poorest and can think by placing one's self in their positions, after attaining ultimate professional / commercial heights.